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Here at HHWC, Rabbits and Foxes live together. These two lovely creatures are well known enemies seeing that foxes hunt rabbits for food quite often. Here are their sides of the food conflict, pick which you think is right and take your place in either the Dens or the Warrens-


Rabbits~ "Why do they eat us? Its not fair! Shoulnt the mangy beasts be able to find a different animal to prey on? We are innocent of any crimes! Only leaves and greens for us.... mabye they should try going  vegatarian... But if not, we will fight back!!"


Foxes~ "Some times we feel bad for the little rabbits.... They always complain and protest when we are about to eat them or come to a confrontation with them. We have no choice! They are everywhere AND are delicious! Mabye they woulnt taste so good if they ate meat... Well no matter how bad we feel we have to continue the food chain!"


*sigh* I know, but they must be writen... after all, we cant have a bunch of ferral foxes and rabbits prancing around! (READ ALL BEFORE JOINING)

1. No swearing >:I Little kids have access to the internet too... (moderate is aloud)


2. No detailed mating or kitting. It's plain discusting and think about those little web serfing kids. (In pm(private message) Is aloud)


3. Be fair please!


4. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. And dont use the excuse "Id love to be treated meanly. Why shouldnt they?" That just makes ya look dumb.


5. Do not impersanate memebers.


6. No Powerplaying!!!!!!!!!!


Bad Example: (Fox roleplayer) Diamond the fox lept onto Fern the bunny and ripped into its stomach with, long, sharp claws. Fern screamed and died instantly.


NOOOOO You have to only controll YOUR charracter.  


Good Example: (Fox roleplayer) Diamond Lept onto Fern and ripped into her stomach with long claws. (Rabbit Roleplayer) Fern screamed and scrambled to get away.

See? This is more fun by far and avoids frustration or anger in any roleplayer.


7. Respect Every One. ESPECIALLY Admins, Mods and of course, me. The site owner.


8. Roleplay properly :) This is not required, but is preferred. Here are some examles-


Good Roleplaying: Fern hopped swiftly under a bush, pressing her muzzle to the ground and sniffling out small peices of leaves under the snow that blanketed the ground. She pricked her long rabbit ears, hearing patters of feet in the snow. She glanced up warily only to see her sister, Petal "Hey!" she squeaked happily. Petal smiled and laid her ears onto her back "whatcha doin?" She asked curiously, peering over her sister.


This type of roleplaying allows you to get great literature practice and lets you tell a better, more meaningful story. Btw do not put these- * Around your text. Its just worthless clicking on your partay


Bad Roleplaying: *Hopps under bush, looks for food.* Hi Petal *Says perking her ears* E.t.c


See how thats slightly hard to understand and not as meaningful? I think ya get it now :3




Rabbit Warren~


Dominent Male- The male leader figure in the warren


Dominent Female- The dominent males mate and the female leader figure in the warren.


Healer- The medical figure in the warren


Healers Follower- The one learning from the healer to one day become one.


Wisdoms- Those chosen as wisdoms know much and are sought out for help by those in the warren.


Dasher- Those rabbits who have completed the stage of being a student


Student- Each dasher will at one point be assigned a 1 month old student to teach.


( There is no deputy. When the dominent male becomes to old or retires another male rabbit will challenge him for dominent male. If the dominent male is challenged before that and looses, the challenger will be the new dominent male.)


Fox Den's-


Alpha male- The male leader figure in the dens.


Alpha female- The female leader figure in the dens.


Deputy- The one who will take the alphas place when they pass of retire unless the leader is challenged before that and is beaten. Then the challenger becomes alpha.


Healer- Medical figure in the dens.


Healer learner- One who is learning from the healer to one day take his/her place


Fullfilled- Those who have completed the stage of learners and now go onto teach them


Learners- Each fullfilled fox will be assigned a 4 month old fox to teach.

People To Meet :)



Weather And Season~